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Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of Contra Costa

DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE DUI School 925-932-8100 ext 16

These programs are designed to enable participants to consider attitude and behavior changes, support positive lifestyle changes, and reduce or eliminate the use of alcohol and/or drugs.

  • Juvenile DUI Education Program V.C. 23140(a)
  • Wet Reckless Education Program V.C. 23103.5
  • Three-Month First Offender DUI Program V.C. 23152
  • Six- Month First Offender DUI Program V.C. 23152
  • Nine-Month First offender DUI Program V.C. 23152 AND 2ND VC 23103.5
  • Eighteen-Month Multiple Offender DUI Program V.C. 23152
  • Our program is offered Monday through Friday
    • Monday through Friday evening sessions start at 7:00PM
    • Monday afternoon sessions start at 2:00pm

DUI Program Intake and Enrollment

Scheduling an Intake

  • Participant may schedule an intake by calling 925-932-8100 ext 16.
  • Intakes are scheduled Monday through Friday at 2:00 PM
  • To enroll you will need a current Court Referral, or a current DMV H-6 print-out for the last 10-years and your down payment. Money Order or Debit Card only.
  • Allow 2 hours for completing the intake.

Intake - Enrollment

During your intake-enrollment you will meet individually with a counselor who will review and explain the program contract, the program rules and requirements, and other required documents.

You will then read and complete the contract and other necessary documents.

When you have completed all the enrollment documents you will again meet with the counselor who will schedule your sessions and answer any questions regarding your program. At the end of the intake you will receive a copy of your contract, your class schedule, and proof of enrollment.

Information On:
  • DUI Program Services
  • DUI Procedures
  • DUI Program Rules and Regulations